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Construction of rich life---Rich enterprise at the core of the brand。Company has a building engineering construction general contracting grade 3、Steel structure project specialized contracting grade 3、Three professional contracting qualifications of foundation projects。Company to door type、More high-level structure of industrial plant and office…【To view more】

Rich raw steel structure--Fu sheng group fist brand。Jiangmen production base,In a state high-tech development zone is located in kaiping city green mountain lake district,Covering an area of about50m,Have two factories around15000Square meters,Yard15000Square meters。According to customer design requirements、…【To view more】

Rich raw steel structure--Fu sheng group fist brand。Hunan manufacturing base,Hengyang city in hunan province east county to Yang industrial park zones,Covering an area of about60m,Covering an area of about60m。At present, the company has1Light steel production line、1Chongqing steel production line,According to the customer…【To view more】

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