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  • New energy water treatment
  • Combination packing application in town black smelly water governance
  • The application of the packing-The paper mill wastewater treatment
  • Textile mills of filler in wastewater treatment applications
  • Beverage factory wastewater treatment
  • Sewage treatment
  • Wastewater treatment in food
  • Dyeing wastewater treatment
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Gongyi city samsung water treatment equipment co., LTD,Was built in1987Years,With the domestic many scientific research units and institutions set up long-term cooperation relationship,Based on innovative technology,Insist on production、To learn、In combination with research,From water purification filter material、Water purifier extended to chemical tower packing、Environmental protection packing products and environmental protection engineering design、The construction、Debugging professional entity enterprise。In the product2006Years passedISO9001:2000Quality management system certification。2003Has been hailed as a year“The national non-metallic chemical equipment standardization technical committee”Members of the unit,Standard review and participate in a year;In2012Year drafted《Tower packing surface wettability determination method》The industry standard,Standard numberHG/T459aa0002014,With2014Years10Month1The implementation。 MBBRSuspended filler is samsung over the past 15 years on research and development of moving bed biofilm packing......
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